Being in the real estate business seems exciting and can also be challenging because you need to be up to date with the latest trends ranging from fashion, luxury and class. The topic on the class of car to drive as a real estate agent has really put so many in serious confusion and we will dedicate this post to shed more lights on it and also share experiences and thoughts of some real estate agents towards it.

Why should real estate agents drive fancy cars?

A client once called and said he was available to see one of our house listings at Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. My colleagues and I were having lunch and decided to go see him after eating. Fortunately, we were out with one of these fancy cars (wthheld brand name) and when the client saw the car , he fell in love with the house and that was it!

There was a post in a discussion on the Facebook group Raise the Bar in Real Estate, where participants debated whether real estate agents should or should not drive flashy cars.

Some argued that agents should drive upscale cars to project success. Others caution that broadcasting wealth can alienate some prospects, and even prompt them to seek a discount.

“This business is very image-oriented in my opinion and you attract what you project,” said David Fresquez, one of many who, in a recent discussion on the Facebook group Raise the Bar in Real Estate, contended that driving a top-shelf car can earn you points.

“I was shocked a few months ago when a past customer emailed me and told me they were going to list their house but not with me because my car was too dumpy to be carrying customers in (2007 Accord),” said Andrea Hatton.

Some persons think, “You make too much, give me a rate reduction,” while others, he said, believe that “if you can drive that, then you are good; you’re hired!”

Another group of agents dismisses the idea that the type of car an agent drives matters at all.

“I drive what I drive,” said one commenter. Added another: “Frankly, don’t care what my clients drive or what they think of my wheels since I am the one driving and want comfort and reliability.”

”One year after I just started in the business, I had NO CAR. I had to ride my bicycle to a listing appointment. I was praying that the seller would not be outside when I arrived, but of course she was-watering the lawn! I got off the bike and she said…”You rode your bike–so cool! I love it that you are earth conscious and live so close by!!” I was still feeling embarrassed. She invited me in and I got the listing! I had multiple offers in two weeks. Lesson–Don’t let ANYTHING get in your way of victory regardless of what you drive” said Presha. This particular comment got me thinking though.

Well, I believe we have one thing or the other to contribute as regards this topic. Feel free to air your views in the comment box.

“Remember, if it does not portray excellence, it’s not Bricks & Tierra!”

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