Real estate scripts are pre-planned phone conversations that are meant to help you build a rapport with a potential buyer. The best real estate scripts ask questions that will help determine the level of interest of the buyer.

Tips for Writing Real Estate Scripts

The following are some tips for writing real estate scripts that are sure to help you qualify buyer leads:

  1. Focus on the greeting and introduction

The introduction can make or break your call. Whenever you draft real estate scripts, be sure to keep your intro as short and simple as possible. Your objective should be to arouse interest in your prospect rather than make a sale. Use a professional and casual tone that sounds natural.

Here is an example of a bad introduction:

“Good morning! My name is Philip, a real estate agent with Bricks and Tierra. We are the top real estate firm in Lagos and we are looking for new customers in your area. Are you planning to purchase a home any time soon?”


This type of introduction sounds very salesy. Most people have already heard this kind of pitch from telemarketers and it puts them off.

A more effective introduction that will keep leads on the phone, allowing you time to qualify them, would be something like this:

“Good afternoon! My name is Philip and I’ve worked with property buyers and sellers in Lagos for 5 years. I got your contacts from the real estate survey we conducted recently in your company.

Is now a good time to talk?”

You will notice some differences in the second introduction:

  • Your company is not mentioned anywhere. This allows the prospect to focus on you.
  • Mentioning the number of years you’ve been in business gives you credibility.
  • Asking the prospect if they can talk now shows that you respect their time.
  1. Ask the right questions to qualify the prospect

Once the prospect has granted you permission to proceed, ask probing questions that will help reveal their motivation and intentions. Here are some examples:

  • Are you planning to purchase a home now or in the near future?
  • What kind of home are you looking for? Is it a single family homes, multifamily home or apartment?
  • Based on your credit score, would you qualify for a mortgage today?

Based on your prospect’s response, you can designate them as either cold, warm, or hot. Segmenting your real estate leads will help you create targeted drip campaigns to cultivate prospects.


  1. Schedule a follow-up action

If the prospect is not ready to make a purchase, you could end your real estate scripts like this:

“If one day you decide to buy, I would like the opportunity to work with you. Would you mind sharing your email address so we can stay in touch?”  


However, if they sound ready, take the final step of qualifying them by ending the conversation like this:

“OK, great. Why don’t we meet sometime? I’d love to see how I can find you the best home that suits your needs.”


Things to Keep in Mind.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind before you start writing real estate scripts:

  • Language – Pay close attention to the language you use in real estate scripts. Be courteous and respectful. Avoid industry jargon, awkward phrasing, and long-winded sentences. Finally, be as authentic as possible.
  • Don’t sell – Don’t use the high-pressure sales tactics of a telemarketer over the phone. The main purpose of your real estate buyer scripts is to qualify leads. And if you’re talking to an unqualified lead, all you need to do is build a rapport with them so that when they are ready to purchase, you will be the first person that comes to mind.
  • Ask probing questions – To demonstrate empathy and build a relationship, ask relevant questions about your prospect and their needs. The aim of real estate scripts is to identify a need, not to sell something over the phone. Experiment with different approaches to asking questions and see what works best.
  • Listen – Any effective conversation should be two-way. Make sure your real estate scripts don’t have any long monologues. When you ask a question, be ready to listen keenly to the prospect’s response. The answers that come forth will be very helpful for qualifying your prospect.
  • Simple and direct– Use a simple and direct approach when writing your real estate scripts. You must have one specific goal in mind for each conversation. Are you looking for a referral, qualifying a prospect, or seeking an appointment? Stick to one objective and draft your script accordingly.
  • Consistency – Your first few phone calls may be a disaster. Don’t lose hope. Commit to calling a specific number of prospects every day. Review your results and make the necessary improvements to your real estate scripts.


Learning how to qualify buyers is very important for success in the real estate business. Successful real estate agents have mastered the art of cold calling to qualify leads. You can create your own scripts or customize a real estate scripts template using the above tips. With enough practice on delivery, you will become good at it.


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