How To Deck Your Home With The Christmas Spirit

It’s so beautiful how December arrives, fancy lights and decorations are being set up in streets all over Nigeria and we anticipate the arrival of our loved ones from foreign countries, also known as IJGBs (I Just Got Back).
It might not even be 25th yet but the activities and events cooking tend to release the aroma of Christmas into the air. However, is there really the Christmas spirit without adequate decorations in our homes? Let’s find out some creative ways to do that.

Every room, a present

Wreaths are cool for doors but having your doors designed like wrapped presents is way cooler! I mean, how better to show the giving spirit of Christmas than making a present out of every room? Throw fancy ribbons in your doors from top to bottom, diagonally or across and finish up in the middle with a nice bow. Watch your family and friends marvel at your creativity!

Fancy banister

The idea of decoration is to explore every possible space and that includes your staircase. Wrap long green material on the handrail till it’s thick and pin or hang any decors you want from snowflakes to sparkly balls and butterflies.

Do you want to build a Snowman?

Get creative with your fridge and give the kids something in the kitchen to be excited about! Buy stickers to make up the button eyes, carrot nose, crooked smile, hat, scarf and congratulations, you just built your very own snowman with appropriately cold drinks in his belly!

Firs of holly

I know we all love a good old Christmas tree in our living rooms with the Christmas contraptions hanging from it but have you ever thought of something different like, a wall tree? You can still hang your decors, lights and even the great Northern Star on it. Might sound bizarre especially for us Nigerians that like our decorations a lot more elaborate but it’s all about doing something new.
P. S: You can make faux presents from old cartons wrapped in fancy wrapping paper for that extra-christmassy effect.


Really now, what is Christmas without all types and colors of light? They have a way of beautifying even the most basic of things – from the ones that blink in tune with music, to those that drop like the Niagara Falls, to those that just illuminate shapes like neon signs. Light just has a way of bringing happiness – those of us who used to yell “up nepa!” can relate. It’s also great for outdoor tree and building decorations but whatever you do, keep them as high and as far from younger children as possible!

Food & Music

Capping it all up with the aroma of hot, sweet, homemade jollof rice and fried chicken with the classic Bonny M Christmas tracks in the background so we’re all set for yuletide!

We hope you use these creative ideas to spruce up your homes in preparation for the season. Through it all, we’re here to serve you better. Season’s greetings!

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