Moving into a new apartment can be burdensome and most people don’t bother moving, even though it’s totally needed, as they do not know how to go about the whole moving process. This has prompted us to list out key things that are required for a successful moving.

  1. Get an Inspection

Being a house owner comes with taking up responsibility for the repairs and maintenance of your new home. Repairs and maintenance costs now come out of your wallet, not your landlord’s. Make a list of things you want checked. If there’s need for repairs or any replacement, kindly request that the seller or Landlord takes responsibility and see it done before moving into the apartment.

  1. Cleaning, Painting, Extermination, Installation

Some things are best done without furniture around. Clean the house, wipe out the cabinets, paint the walls, spray for pests, and install any other thing you feel ok to do before everything’s moved in. It will never be this easy again.

  1. Household Sanitation

All environmental duties are now your responsibility. Starting from getting essential tools needed like a lawnmower, weed trimmer, rake, shovel and sprinklers, as well as a tool set to take care of household fixes.

  1. Disposal of Possessions

Unless absolutely essential, any personal possession that’s not needed or that’s not in good condition before   moving should be discarded.

  1. Furnish your Home with Items that Grow with You

When moving into your new house, consider carefully the quality of items you own and acquire new items like furniture, electronics, utensils and household appliance so they can last for a very long time.


  1. Hire the Help of Facility Managers

Maybe full-service movers are too expensive for your budget and you are worried about how you will move your belongings and properties. Don’t worry about it. At Bricks&Tierra, we have a catalogue of local professional helpers to unload anything you’ve got and relieve you off the stress that comes with moving.




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