As if it isn’t hard enough to find real estate leads, real estate agents must also know how to convert these leads into clients. Getting consistent conversions in real estate can be tricky, especially for real estate agents just starting out.


A lead conversion process can look very different depending on where you are getting your real estate leads. In today’s world, seller and buyer leads can easily be found online. However, this does not mean that all of your leads should come from your website. In-person networking and real estate referrals are just as important as ever.

In this article, we categorized the tips to help you get more real estate conversions into both online and offline lead conversions.


  1. Online Lead Conversions

If you have a website and you are wondering how to convert real estate leads with it, you are in the right place. You will need to create a real estate sales funnel to guide your website visitors towards making a conversion.


a. Optimize Your Website Design

The first step in creating your real estate sales funnel is to optimize your website. This means having a clean design that leads your prospective clients toward a contact form. You should have lots of white space- avoid distracting clutter in your sidebar and on the page. Also, make sure the copy on your landing pages is concise, clear, and makes an impact.

Other best practices include using a simple set up that is easy to navigate, having an easily accessible sign-up form, and including client testimonials.

b. Make Yourself Visible 

Finally, to actually get conversions in real estate online, you will need to put your lead magnet in front of the right people. The simple way of doing this is through running social media ads. You can choose to target ads to specific audiences, ensuring that you reach users who are likely to click on your ad and convert.

Another way to boost conversions in real estate is through paid search advertising. Often, real estate agents use this method in conjunction with content marketing and blogging. When creating helpful articles and posting them on your website, you can include a call to action at the end, prompting visitors to download your eBook in exchange for contact information.

In order to get visitors to your articles, you can optimize blog posts with keywords such as “real estate agent in [insert you city/state]. Then, bid on these keywords so that Google will show your website in search results.

2.  Offline Lead Conversions

When it comes to getting client conversions in real estate, you will likely see a higher lead conversion rate for leads you receive offline. This is because they are likely coming from your personal network and referrals, and these are people who are somewhat emotionally invested in you.

Having a glowing real estate referral, making a personal touch, and connecting a face to a name all increase the likelihood of real estate lead conversions. To get the most out of these personal connections, it is important to take a few thoughtful steps to nurture these leads.

a. Become an Information Resource

Everyone loves generosity and people who are willing to help. As a professional real estate agent, if you aren’t sharing your valuable knowledge with your leads, you are missing an opportunity to make more conversions in real estate.

Your seller and buyer leads have questions and concerns that need to be met before they can move onto the next stage of their journey. If you are the resource they can turn to for the education they need, you’ll be much more likely to win their business.

Taking the time to create an information packet or a short booklet on the process of either selling or buying a home- or both- will position you as an expert. Your leads will be impressed and want to seek your business, which will greatly increase your lead conversion rate.

Try to keep the information down to what’s essential, and organize it in an easy-to-read way. It shouldn’t take potential clients much time to flip through, but it certainly should answer many of their biggest questions.

b. Be Available

Another way to make a personal connection and win over your leads is by offering to meet with them, either in person or virtually, to discuss some of their needs or questions about the process and just to get to know each other.

Make this time about them and how you can help with their overall journey, whether they are trying to buy or sell their home. This will build trust, and earning the trust of your leads is the best way to increase your conversions in real estate.

c. Know Your Scripts.

At some point, you will be making phone calls or meeting with your leads in person. It will be helpful for you to have real estate lead conversion scripts prepared.

Using real estate lead conversion scripts ensures that you deliver information and a helpful offer smoothly, and it can vastly benefit your lead conversion process.


There are a superfluity of tools and tactics available to you to help convert real estate leads. Trying out different strategies and finding what works best for you is the quickest way to increase your conversions in real estate and get more clients as a real estate agent.


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