4 Tips On Do-It-Yourself Interior Decoration

So, you just bought the house of your dreams, courtesy, Bricks & Tierra (which I know you already have or soon will!), you got of all your old furniture – because new house, new life, duh! – and you’re a little lost on interior décor or thinking of hiring an interior decorator for your home? Don’t rack your brain too much, we got you right here. Read on.
For me, looking at wide, empty spaces make me just want to run for cover – I mean, where do I even begin?! – and try to delegate decoration duties to someone else but my dear, when recession hits your bank akant and all you want to do is cut costs, you won’t know when you catch yourself rolling up your sleeves and getting to work.


Let’s start with the walls. Paint is great and all that but have you tried wallpapers? They are in vogue at the moment and eliminate the plain-Jane look of just a white wall. However, they look better when they’re set on just one sides of a room to create a focal point – most likely where your TV might be placed.


Have you ever been to someone’s house and you just want to take selfies in the living room or think it would be awesome for a shoot due to the vibrant/minimalist color theme? I know right? As far as I know, everyone has a creative streak in them and you just need the right avenue to channel it. Put a theme to your home, especially your living room. Be it warm, cool, contrasts, shapes or color blocking, giving your home a theme makes decoration a lot easier and precise. If you’re a sucker for patterns like me, then it’ll be nice to give an interesting look to your couches and center rugs. The “plain-and-pattern” trend is timeless for this idea.


Proportion is key is the placement of items around the house. It’s not fair to your home’s aesthetic that you have so much space but because you don’t know where to put what, everything looks so cluttered. Having your furniture in even numbers is orderly and creating a focal piece like a sculpture, the wallpaper like I mentioned above, a mirror or the chandelier could be the finishing move. We are Nigerians and can generally be extra by nature but I’m sure you’d want your home to look more like an actual home than a toy room. Let’s try to keep the extra accessories and decorations at bay until festive periods plus, de-cluttering keeps the spotlight on other unique pieces.

Everything is Art

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home and its principle is more to evoke than to portray. That being said, having pieces of art, especially paintings or wall art canvas gives an overall urbane and poetic ambience to the room. Personally, I have about two paintings hanging in different rooms of my house. You don’t even need to be an art connoisseur to appreciate art, honestly. Hang up a piece of art today.

P. S: Did you know that incorporating an antique piece (furniture, painting, sculpture, rug) in your home is also a form of art? Think of it as vintage. You’re welcome.


This is not to say that you don’t need interior decorators but in the wide sea of humans out there, some of us actually like to get things done the exact way we envision it and mostly likely with our own hands. Even if you don’t want to do it yourself, at least you have an idea of how you might want your home to look like. At Bricks & Tierra, we are not just into business and real estate, we’re into problems and people.

“Real estate just got realer with Bricks & Tierra!”

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